Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mac's Chicken Story

Mac’s Chicken Story
~I spoke to my brother Mac and he remembered that he raised chickens when he was around 12 or 13. I just couldn’t resist writing my version of his story which he has approved. ~
   Once upon a time, my brother Mac lived in an old two story Florida house that was just bursting at the seams with his 6 siblings, (I am the eldest), our mother, our father and all of our pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, even a monkey for awhile.. and…yes, MAC’S CHICKENS!
     Our neighbor up the street, old A. B. Sims gave Mac two Bantam hens which he brought home to roam,, and roam they did… all over our property… True free range  hens!
     Next door, in an old run down house~which I call a “Florida Cracker” house~, there lived a woman, Patty with her husband and young daughter. I remember Patty, as being tall, thin, with black hair. One of her eyes was hugely bug-eyed and crossed. As I recall, Patty did not seem to be “all there”. I don’t know what happened to her. She was a very strange lady.
   Patty owned a pet White Leghorn Rooster.  Mr. Rooster was always “flying his coop” and of course he always headed over to our house to see Mac’s Hens.
Patty did not like that one bit but even so she would do nothing to make Mr. Rooster stay at his home!
    So, a pattern started which continued for quite awhile. Patty would head over to our house to get Mr. Rooster. Then she would have words with Mac and then head back to her home sometimes with Mr. Rooster and sometimes without him. You couldn’t always catch that rascal and besides he liked staying with Mac’s Hens!  This happened over and over again until Mac said “Keep your rooster in his coop! We don’t want that rooster over here!”
     Too late! Before you knew it, Mac had 25 or more baby chicks running all over!
   Enough was enough. Mac told Patty that if he saw that rooster one more time, he was going to kill it!  You know, Mac must have been really mad to say that.
    I guess that Patty did not believe my brother would do anything. She did not keep Mr. Rooster in his coop. One fateful day, Mr. Rooster came crowing into our yard.
    Poor Mr. Rooster. He should have stayed home. Yep, Mac grabbed Mr. Rooster and just like that, broke his neck.  Mac does not remember if he told Patty or even if later she came looking for her pet. The one sure thing he remembered is that Mr. Rooster would not come crowing around his hens anymore.
   But what to do with the dead Mr. Rooster? Mac took him into our house and showed him to our Mother.  Mother said, “We are not going to waste Mr. Rooster. Although he is old, tough and would not be very tasty, I think he will do fine in a stew pot.”  So, Mac and Mother plucked him and got ‘ol Mr. Rooster ready for the stew pot.  According to Mac, ‘ol Mr. Rooster made a fine stew!
  What happened to the rest of the chickens? There were so many that Mac decided to sell them. He kept his Bantam hens and put the rest in our Pontiac station wagon. Our mother drove him over to the black community near our house. He started going door to door, asking if anyone wanted to buy his chickens for 25 cents each. Soon he sold all of them.
 He didn’t say what happened to the Hens that he kept. Since they were free range, I suspect they all met an untimely death at the hands of one of our dogs or perhaps we had them for dinner too.